We do wish everyone who comes to stay with us enjoy themselves while also aligning with our interest and goals. Below is a list of values and expectations.

To apply for workshop experience, please read the following and fill out the online Application Form at the bottom of this page.


  • Fit and able bodied
  • creative
  • goal oriented
  • generous
  • considerate
  • adventurous
  • safety minded
  • humble
  • nature enthusiast
  • open minded
  • positive
  • productive
  • helpful
  • says yes more than no


  1. Be extremely considerate of property and belongings. We have worked hard to create this and hope you leave it better than when you arrived.
  2. Be extremely considerate of your housemates. Being clean, helpful , organized, and respecting quiet hours is essential.
  3. Open to all experiences and creatives exercises. Weather can make plans change. Be ready to be flexible. Sometimes getting caught in the rain can be great if you open up to the experience.
  4. While performing workshop outings we do have a few rules.
    a. be safe.
    b.Help others be safe.
    c. be detail oriented.
    d.work hard.
    e. be team player.
    f. be honest and dedicated.
    g. make the most of it.
    h. listen carefully to instructions.
    i. help each other.
    j. have closed toed shoes with good traction.
  5. Leave it better than you found it. This applies to the property, Hawaii and hopefully every day you walk upon the Earth. This can be as simple as picking up trash, helping someone else or cleaning up where others missed.
  6. To be humble in your expectations. Often places, people and experiences can be built up in our heads. Approach this with a humble mindset and you will be happier for it. Hawaii is a paradise but reality lives here too.
  7. No co-dependency
  8. Must have vehicle. We want to facilitate a great experience for you. However you need to have the financial resources to do so. If your budget doesn't allow for a vehicle, adventures and misc expenses please look elsewhere. We are NOT a work trade for room board and sustenance set up.
  9. Bring work gloves and eye protection; necessary for work trade day.



$1100 for Single Occupancy One-Week Retreat*

*$400 Room Charge + $ 700 Workshop Fee, includes Hawaii TA & GE taxes

$1800 for Double Occupancy One-Week Retreat*

*$500 Room Charge + $ 1300 Workshop Fee, includes Hawaii TA & GE taxes


Cancellations: If you fail to notify us within 30 days prior to your arrival, 50% of your workshop payment will be refunded. Please double check your dates of travel and scheduling capability to visit to avoid this.


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