I moved to Hilo, Hawaii at the young age of 5 years old. Most of my younger years were spent exploring Hilo as far as my bike would take me. During my teen years I obtained a drivers license and my exploration really began. I took to wave riding and finding all the hidden surf spots became a mission and over the years I explored most of the Big Islands rugged, remote shoreline. Luckily, the Big Island is beautiful and the exploration often paid off with awesome vistas, valleys, lava fields, jungle, surf spots, camping trips and the occasional mountain top.

As a young adult with limited options construction came calling and over the years I became proficient in framing houses, landscape design/ installation, tile installation and tile mosaics. The mosaic realm was especially engaging as it exposed me to a new world and brought out my inner creativity. I started dealing with art galleries, interior designers and high end contractors and homeowners. I created mosaics full time for over three years, much of it collaborating with another well known Big Island artist. This new world was fascinating but I often found myself essentially giving my creations away to millionaires and creating more for commercial appeal than myself. Over time this became financially unsustainable and I put away the mosaic tools and headed back to framing for a consistent paycheck.

Coincidentally, during this transition I bought a old greenhouse to dismantle and rebuild. It was old and needed various odds and ends to be complete. At the greenhouse supply company I found out about the need for greenhouse builders. I jumped at the opportunity and started my own construction company that specialized in agricultural structures. My primary customers were the local orchid nurseries and their expansive greenhouse complexes. Over the years I became the leading installer/ maintenance company in the state. The work was often brutally hard and extremely dangerous. After nearly a decade I decided to call it quits before my body gave out or I got seriously injured. It was a really hard decision to walk away from my great customers, sole source of income and a company built on my back and reputation.

Now at this point in my life I am taking all the best skills of my past from teenager to current and applying them at once. By combining my love of exploration/adventure and mosaic with skills I obtained doing construction, greenhouses, landscaping and business. The greenhouse skills for the accommodations and garden, the landscaping abundant throughout property, the construction skills to create everything, the mosaics to create, beautify and teach, and the exploration/ adventures to enhance my quality of life. The goal is to combine my valuable skills to enhance my quality of life and share them with others. I hope these skill sets provide you with a unique, fun, engaging experience as well. Aloha

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mosaic tile turtle table 

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